Don’t have application ideas? - Few tips and tools to help you think of one

Don’t have application ideas? - Few tips and tools to help you think of one

And initial thought about bad thinking


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Initial thought

Some of us, if not all, were probably at a point of stepping down from an application idea development because of thoughts like:

  • This application seems too hard
  • Should I even start with this one? There's so much of those already.
  • I want my application to be unique

Based on this, very often one might spend too much time thinking about ideas instead of working on one, even thought it might not be unique at all, therefore might lose interest in IT carrier. Here are some tips to change this way of thinking and hopefully inspire one to develop something great.

"This application idea is too hard for me"

And then, there's my question to that:


Learning to develop an application or create a website is a steep learning process every time. Yes, you start with basics, but that should not stop you to take on a challenge to build something you have no clue about how it works, or how it should work. One might encounter many different issues because of lack of knowledge in particular development areas such as:

  • How do I integrate a database?
  • How do I make it responsive?
  • I don't know how to create a server, it's so complicated!

Do not shy away from these kind of challenges, because we learn through continuous development.

"I want to create unique app, not something that already exists . . ."

No matter if your application idea already exists somewhere, you can still go and do it. Mainly because it would still be unique. In case you're wondering how:

  • Different web design from the rest
  • Different UX/UI from the rest
  • Solving a problem that other same or similar apps do not (or problems)
  • Solving a problem in a better way than others
  • And . . . it's yours!


Tips and tools to help you think of an application idea

I wrote a comment about this on a 15 Project Ideas for Web Developers written by Edidiong Asikpo and thought about expanding my comment a little bit more.

Existing application analyzation as a template for your next application

As I mentioned earlier in this post, no matter if your application idea already exists as a product, you can analyze it by using it as any other user but in more detail. You can determine several things:

  • What problems does it solve, in what way and can it be improved? - How would you improve it?
  • What features does it offer to you, how do you like them and can those be improved?
  • Any issues with UX/UI, accessibility or web design in general? Is design appealing to you?
  • How fast does it perform?
  • Does it target proper groups of people?

After your complete analysis and some thought you can determine if you would be able to create something better. Also by reading what other say about it - and focus on negatives only.

Word play

Another way of thinking about an idea for your next application would be playing with words that remind you of a certain problem, but also sound like a real product, or even a business name. It could also be something abstract as well. Let's see few examples I quickly thought of:

  • Bee-tech
  • Pencil
  • BeaconMe
  • ShelterMyDog
  • Slowmotion
  • Loopify

Note that you can also use this way to think about your next business!
It all comes down to your imagination.

Tools that could be helpful to you

App idea generator

This one is pretty simple. On every click it will generate random idea. Some might be good, others might be bad, but don't forget that you can combine more than one into one, single idea for your next application.


Namify is mainly for generating business names, but huge amount of generated names could be used both for business name and application/website name. I highly recommend to try it out.


AI powered name generator.


Another one I found interesting that takes short description as an input and picks specific words out of it to generate names.

Of course there are more tools like this, but those 4 I found most interesting and should be more than enough to start you up with new application ideas, or even new business.

How do you think of your next app?
Do you agree or is your opinion different?
Any other tools or methods to recommend?

Feel free to write in a comment.